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Studio 58 theatre school celebrates 50 years

Studio 58 is celebrating it's 50 year anniversary
Studio 58 is celebrating it’s 50 year anniversary next fall.

Reported by Natasha Chang

It will be Langara College’s Studio 58’s 50th anniversary in September 2015, and they are in the midst of planning a number of events, some exclusive, for next year.

Studio 58 has been approved a $20,000 budget for their milestone. They plan to host an invitation-only reception, produce shows that highlight the 50th season, and put on a one-night-only show by hiring graduates.

“It’s a chance for us to celebrate the connections we have with the artistic community by inviting those people to be a part of our celebration,” said Langara’s dean of arts Julie Longo.

Some unique qualities of the program are the workshops led by industry professionals, as well as the help professional directors and lighting designers put into productions, Longo said.

A way to give thanks

Funded by Langara, the program is using their anniversary to give thanks to professionals and donors who have supported the studio.

“We’re going to have an actual celebration next September to launch the season,” said Studio 58’s artistic director Kathryn Shaw.

She hopes the anniversary will give Langara more publicity in Vancouver.

Longo said that the plan is for the reception to be open only to those invited because space will be limited, but she is unsure whether tickets would be sold for the reception.

An alumni performance

Other plans include Studio 58’s 50th Anniversary Performance Lab featuring alumni “participating in a one-night, one-off, show,” Shaw said.

Funds from the budget are expected to be allocated toward the performance lab.

Shaw hopes to have more graduates during their milestone year participate in Studio 58 productions. All participating alumni are paid and hired as directors and lighting designers.

Here is a glimpse of Studio 58’s long history:

Soundslides by Lauren Collins and Edrick Dudang (All photos courtesy of Studio 58)

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