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Students unaware of new Rexall partnership


Reported by Caitlin O’Flanagan

Langara College students are not taking advantage of health services provided on campus. Photo: Caitlin O’Flanagan

A new partnership between Studentcare and Rexall Pharma Plus has brought to light a lack of understanding by students of their health plans at Langara College.

The latest health perk, which started in September, offers 20 per cent off on specific Rexall brand products and up to $40 on over-the-counter and prescription medications. Students are still covered at other pharmacies but there will be higher out-of-pocket costs than at Rexall.

Students unaware of assistance options

However, many students were unaware of the new pharmacy network plan — or, as it turns out, much about Studentcare, Langara’s student health and dental plan.

Jovis Lau, a Langara university transfer student, said students do not take full advantage of their health benefits and that Studentcare needs to provide a better breakdown of coverage.

“It is very confusing to navigate, they don’t give you enough information to access the right resources and the process of claiming is really confusing,” said Lau.

Makiko Yao of Langara’s Student Health Services sees many of the problems students face regarding their health. Understanding their benefit plan is a regular problem.

“It’s not overwhelming but there’s a steady concern,” said Yao.

While Langara students were sent a general email informing them of the new pharmacy deal, little information was available from either the student union or student health services.

A better system needs to be implemented

Yaseen Mohammed, a pharmacy technician at the Rexall on 6580 Fraser St, said he believes in the importance educating students and newly immigrated Canadians about how pharmacies process prescriptions.

He said he sees value in providing discounts for students but he feels the need for a better system that teaches students about the policies.

“There needs to be a team, working in different sectors, to explain to students how things work,” Mohammed said.

Rexall’s director of communications and government, Derek Tupling thinks the new deal will be more helpful for students.

“We’re excited about it.” he said. “We think it’s going to provide a great service for your students.”

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