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Students find Halloween costumes to fit their budget

Halloween items are on sale at MCC thrift store on Fraser Street. Photo by Simran Gill.

Reported by Alison Pudsey and Simran Gill

Most students enjoy dressing up on Halloween, but the price associated with getting costumes prevents many from wearing the outfits they want.

Students who struggle with finding something to wear on Halloween can resort to finding cheaper costumes at local thrift stores, like MCC thrift store in South Vancouver, if regular costume stores are not affordable.

Jovaria Ghani showcases her DIY costume from Halloween 2015. Submitted Photo.

Langara College peace and conflict studies student, Jovaria Ghani said that she can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a costume, especially for one night.

“I love Halloween but it can end up being an expensive day, I wish I could go to places like Spirit Halloween and get costumes but as a student who is living on her own it seems like a waste, said Ghani.”

With a little creativity students can pair together unique costumes from affordable items they find in thrift stores, matched with apparel they have in their own closets.

“I have opted to being creative and DIY-ing most of my costumes, I often go to thrift stores and find cheap things I can piece together to create a costume,” said Ghani. “It usually turns out pretty good.”

James Brown, second year kinesiology student at Langara College, said he hasn’t dressed up for Halloween since he was a kid because he doesn’t feel creative enough to make his own costume, but he can’t see himself buying one.

“I think I will dress up this year, I might be a skeleton and get my friend who is a makeup artist to do my makeup, and wear all black, said Brown.

Superman costume from Spirit Halloween retails for $69.99. A cheaper alternative is a maid costume from MCC thrift store which retails for $10.00.

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In this video, Spirit Halloween employee, Will Weakley, discusses how the most popular costumes this year have been influenced by the media.

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