Students can use social analytics for professional success

Hootesuite’s Shawn Bouchard lays down the basics of social analytics for students at Langara’s computer sciences social analytics meetup. Photo: Puneet Dhami

“The media can be revolutionary, it’s not all about people tweeting about what they had for lunch.”

That’s what Hootsuite sales executive Shawn Bouchard said to Langara students at the computer sciences social analytics meetup on Friday March 22.

There are students who are still resistant to the idea of using social media, but experts say online professionalism may be the key to success after graduation.

Act like a professional on Twitter and Facebook

People need to stop and think about what they’re posting, especially in a professional setting, he said. And Twitter trumps Facebook in terms of professional networking.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it, so measure everything. Even social media,” said Bouchard. Success online depends on being able to monitor reach. That’s what social analytics is all about.

Social media is social 

Thinking socially when posting content on websites allows administrators to be more conversational and engage better with users, said Bouchard.

Students can measure Facebook and Twitter feeds with tools like Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows users to measure their reach and monitor multiple feeds.

Young graduates should not be shy to reach out and join conversations online because that is what builds community.

Students should research what they’re interested in and follow like-minded individuals and organizations.

Langara students are on it.

“I use social media a few times a day,” said Human Kinetics student Daniel Richard. “I would consider using it to further my career when I’m close to graduation.”

Vancouver Sun reporter Mike Hager is a Langara College graduate

who relies heavily on social media.

“Before you had trouble tracking down sources,” said Hager. “Now you can connect with sources, breaking news and are in the city talking about it.”

Hager built a secure online following because people could trust him.

Learn the etiquette 

“Follow people who are trailblazers in their field,” said Hager. “Don’t be a spammer but show personality.”

“You don’t want to anger people so post conversationally as if you’re asking a question,” said Hager.

Hager recommends creating a professional account on LinkedIn “so employers can find you and get you out there.”

There will be more social analytic Meetup nights at Langara, for more information you can visit the Langara College website.

Reported by Puneet Dhami 

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