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Students are being kept in the dark about the search for Langara’s next president

Arts & Sciences student, Damian Otis doesn’t think college meetings should be in-camera. Photo by Hailey McDonald
Arts & Sciences student Damian Otis doesn’t think college meetings should be in-camera. Photo by Hailey McDonald

Langara’s newly formed presidential search committee held an in-camera meeting Tuesday to determine what qualifications it’s looking for in a new president and students aren’t happy about it.

The committee is comprised of members from various bodies around campus, including the Langara Faculty Association, Langara Students’ Union and support staff, according to Korena Jang, a manager from the Office of the President.

A source with knowledge of the situation informed The Voice that Gurbax Leelh, an LSU director, is a member of the search committee. The only other confirmed member of the committee is vice chair, David Bowra, an accountant and management consultant.

What the committee wants in a president unclear

Jang said that she was unable to comment on what the search committee was looking for in a president.

Arts & Sciences student Damian Otis feels like the college is keeping students in the dark in terms of what it’s looking for in a new president and CEO.

“This is a public college, they should be dealing with the public,” said Otis. “This isn’t a private company. They don’t have the right to do this.”

Arts student Sonia Tahermaram believes that students should have a say in what qualities the new president possesses.

“Considering that we pay tuition, we should have more of an idea what’s going on here,” said Tahermaram.

Students want their voices heard by next president

Tahermaram and Otis both agreed that they want a president who values student opinion.

Roy Daykin is currently Langara’s interim president and CEO.

Former president, David Ross resigned last year.

Many members of Langara’s Board of Governors and President’s Council could not be reached for comment or refused to comment when asked about the search committee.

Reported by Hailey McDonald

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