Langara Students’ Union election results and funding both under wraps

Photos by Tanya Hill
Evelyn Zeng, board member at large (left), Adrian Fu, disabilities liaison (middle) and Adam Giesbrecht, queer liaison, were all appointed in this year’s election. Photos: Tanya Hill

The Langara Students’ Union held elections the first week of October.

Two weeks have gone by and the official election results have not been published for the public. Repeated attempts by The Voice to obtain official results have been ignored.

Information regarding the LSU budget has also come up against an inexplicable wall of silence. Here are some of the LSU election highlights:

  • Evelyn Zeng elected as board member at large
  • Adrian Fu elected as disabilities liaison
  • Adam Giesbrecht elected as queer liaison
  • Gunkirat Randhkawa elected as women’s liaison
  • Emma Munroe elected as environmental issues coordinator

LSU spending up in the air

The LSU Annual General Meeting and passing of the year’s budget was held on Sept. 20. Student fees collected by the LSU go towards the U-Pass program as well as the health care and dental plan.

What should be a concern to Langara students is what is happening with the budget surplus of approximately $42,000 for the 2011-2012 school year.

Dean Tsatouhas, a business student at Langara, was at the AGM and spoke to Langara Published, a student-run blog at the college.

“After introductions and a financial recap that nobody could hear, they opened up for questions.

“So I obviously raised my hand right up and asked why there was a $10,000 to $15,000 increase in student honorariums,” said Tsatouhas.

Muneori Otaka, a former member of the LSU board of directors and a student at Langara College told Langara Published about his experience.

“I assumed from attending the meetings that the majority of the LSU board members just want the titles, and the power to spend money. Of course, not everyone on the board were like that, and there are a few intelligent students who are genuinely there to serve students.” Otaka said.

Previous controversy during elections 

Emma Munroe has had her share of issues with the LSU.

Jesse Winter, a former reporter for The Voice, stated in an email “Munroe was disqualified for violating LSU election policy last year.”

LSU election policy states that all campaign material must be removed from the school 10-hours before polls open.

Munroe apparently didn’t do this and “ the LSU refused to tell the candidates what they had done wrong,” Winter stated.

LSU Future plans

“I would like to see more transparency, outreach and general student awareness of LSU activities,” Zeng said.

“I want to get as much student input as I can, before making any financial decisions,” said Fu. Giesbrecht wants to build awareness and knowledge among students, and is experienced in conflict resolution.

Reported by Tanya Hill

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