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Student Streeters: Langara’s response to Trump victory


We asked the students around Langara how they feel about what happened in the American Presidential Election last night. Here is their take on how things played out:


Juan Soto

“It’s a very difficult election. Yesterday when I saw the news I got a really nervous a little bit fear, scared about my country, in my personal reaction, it’s ok, we need to see the positive aspects. At least only man, he’s not the owner of the country, he’s just a man, he has limits, so maybe it will be ok, but the first impression is fear and a little bit scared about the future.”







Gay Lai

“I know that there are going to be a lot of immigrants from the states, so we might have more people trying to get the same jobs that we are, like starter jobs. That might increase our economy too because if there is more people coming in, our economy might go up, but I’m not too sure how it will impact me. Best case, he doesn’t do anything to undo any of the good stuff that’s happened in the past eight years. Worst, internal conflict, internal tension within the country, stuff like that.”





allison-latimerAllison Latimer

“We’ll have some more refugees I guess. Ya it’s just scary. It’s scary. Trump doesn’t really know anything so whoever is in power is whoever decides to help him out so we don’t really know who those people are,which is maybe less scary than if he was smart enough to actually do what he says he wants to do. It’s just scary cause, I mean, I can’t believe Americans would rather elect him than a woman, you know? […] It’s going to hurt our economy I think he’s a little crazy so I think he’s going to shut things down and do things internally. I think it’s going to to inhibit some of our resource(s). I won’t be going to the states now.”

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