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#StopDropAndSelfie is the newest hashtag trend on Instagram and Twitter

An example of one of the #StopDropAndSelfie pictures on Instagram (Mel Edgar photo)
An example of one of the #StopDropAndSelfie pictures on Instagram (Mel Edgar photo)

Reported by Mel Edgar


Drop everything and take a selfie — that’s the idea behind #StopDropAndSelfie, the latest hashtag trending on Instagram and Twitter.

After the Ice Bucket Challenge, #StopDropAndSelfie is the latest hashtag to take off on Instagram that lets users share their images — duck faces and all — with their friends and the public.

“’No! I just woke up!” said Jessica Keenan, a Langara student who is entering Studio 58 in January, describing how she reacted to being nominated by her roommate.

“Someone tags you in their selfie and then you have to stop whatever you’re doing and take a selfie so you don’t get to put your hair down or get good lighting,” said Keenan.

The #StopDropAndSelfie is possibly related to #StopDropAndSelfieforMS, a challenge intended to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

“I don’t know how this started, it probably started as charity and now it’s just become a trend,” said Keenan, who has completed and donated money to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Suzanne Jay, communications director of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, B.C. and Yukon Division said that they haven’t used the hashtag yet but still believes the trend is positive.

“Anytime someone raises money or awareness for MS, it’s a valuable thing,” said Jay.

On Twitter, some users are reminding people to use the full #StopDropandSelfieForMS hashtag.

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