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South Vancouver sexual assaults


Reported by Shannon Lynch

Police are telling women to be careful following a series of three attacks in Vancouver South’s Granville, Oak and Cambie neighbourhoods.

The first incident happened on the morning of April 20 when an elderly Asian woman was walking in the area of Oak Street and West 55 Ave. A man approached her and groped her from behind. He walked away, but then appeared a second time and touched her inappropriately again. The woman screamed, and he casually walked away.

The second incident also happened this spring on June 17 in the morning, near West 30 Avenue and Granville Street. An elderly Asian woman was walking her dog when a man approached from behind and struck her violently between the legs.

The third and most recent incident happened also in the morning, on Friday, Oct. 3 near West 64 Avenue between Granville and Oak streets. A middle-aged Asian woman was walking when she was approached by a man and groped from behind. The woman followed and confronted her attacker, who then punched her in the face, then walked away. The woman was knocked to the ground and later taken to the hospital for treatment of minor physical injuries.

Scroll down to view the locations of the sexual assaults and read the full story here.

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