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SLIDESHOW: River District kicks off fourth winter craft fair


Reported by Bala Yogesh

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Scenes from the fourth annual River District winter craft fair. Photos by Bala Yogesh

The River District winter craft fair helps vendors create relationship with buyers and establish their brands.

Kareem El-Hommosani, who sells organic soaps and personal products, keeps coming back to the fair every year. “I like this fair a lot because from these fairs I get a lot of repeat customers, so I do like coming here,” said El-Hommosani,

Craft fair off to a slow start

The craft fair, which offers live music and a variety of products on Sundays until Dec. 4, has been running for the past four years. The fair’s opening day, which hosted 14 vendors selling everything from baked goods to paintings, experienced a low turn out.

Louise Hediger, one of the fair’s vendors, said the atmosphere was good despite the low turnout. “There’s a lot of variety [vendors] but it’s been quiet now. There’s not many people,” she said. “It’s a nice venue but it’s just quiet.”

However, the community centre’s community relations manager, Sunny Kim, said the crowd will pick up in the coming weeks.

“As we approach the end of November and December, people get into holiday shopping experience,” she said.

Craft fair makes for good study break

Nicole Muir, a psychology student and a vendor said the fair is a good way to meet people. “I’m a full-time university student as well, so I just wanted to do the craft fair this year because it is very different from what I study every day.”

“I’m quite impressed with this fair because the venue is beautiful, overlooking the river, and everyone is friendly,” Muir said.

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