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Search for lost reindeer in Vancouver Christmas light maze



Vancouver is home to the world's largest light maze. Photo by Cheryl Whiting
Vancouver is home to the Enchant Christmas Light Maze, whose creators claim it’s the largest light maze in the world. Photo by Cheryl Whiting

Reported by Cheryl Whiting

What’s being touted as the world’s largest light maze had its origins in a children’s story.

The Enchant Christmas Light Maze, an outdoor instalment of over 5,100 sq. metres of illuminated sculptures from Christmas trees to reindeer, opened on Nov. 24 in Vancouver.

The maze is the creation of Kevin Johnston, who owns Shine Lighting Group, a Christmas lighting company in North Vancouver

Johnston dreamed up the story, in which Santa’s reindeer are lost in a snowstorm and the children must go find them. His wife later published a children’s book, and Johnston transformed the idea into his maze.

From mall displays to full show

The maze was designed by North Vancouver's Kevin Johnston, owner of Shine Lighting Group. Photo by Cheryl Whiting
The maze was conceived by Kevin Johnston, owner of Shine Lighting Group. Photo by Cheryl Whiting

Johnston said his company decided to do a show of their own after doing mall displays for years.

“Originally we were planning on more like a corn maze with lots of walls,” said Johnston. “You could actually get really lost in it but then the city didn’t like the idea of people getting too lost and so we had to create a more simplistic version.”

There’s also a Christmas market place, food trucks as well as a small pop up bar with live music.

Jennifer Ho brought her four-year-old and her one-year-old children last Thursday night, and she said she was happy to come out despite the rain.

“They have to find the reindeer so they came for the reindeer,” Ho said. “They found them all. I think it would be better if it wasn’t raining. I will come back next year but will check the forecast first.”

Maze not challenging enough for some

Kyanan Wright, 22, came with his mom.

“It was really nice to actually see a maze with lights but it’s not a maze where you actually get lost so I was a little bummed out,” said Wright. “Seeing Santa after I went through the icicle lights was really cool,” he said. “I think anyone can go and appreciate Santa.”


Check out the video below for a slideshow of photos from the maze:

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