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Rainy weather a drain on Langara student’s spirits


Reported by Bala Yogesh

A rare rain free day on Langara College campus. Photo by Bala Yogesh

Students are feeling the effects of the continuous rain in Vancouver as their mood deteriorates in the darker months.

Rain has fallen on Vancouver almost every day for the last two months. The weekly rainfall data chart shows that rainfall has exceeded 30 mm in six of the last eight weeks. The forecast suggests that the pattern will continue for in the next month.

Karan Raj Singh, an accounting student at Langara, said the rain is affecting his mood.

“Whenever I wake up and I see sun, I am eager to go out. When I see rain, I don’t want to go out at all, and sometimes I cancel my plans because of the rain,” said Raj Singh.

No respite from the rain in the forecast

Rain has been forecasted for 18 days and snowfall for seven days over the month of December.

Naoko Shimogaki, a biology student at Langara, said that she doesn’t appreciate the rain.

“It affects my mood; I don’t feel active during the days,” Shimogaki said. “I just have rain boots, and I use an umbrella. I’m doing my best to stay dry. It doesn’t make much difference, as the rains affect me a lot.”

Students affected by bad weather

Langara instructor Phil Mentacos said the rain can affect students in their studies.

“Just going on idea that grey weather and ongoing rain, people find it depressing. I would imagine that it would also affect their ability to get their work done and do well in it. So there’s a correlation,” Mentacos said.

Akash Mehe, student at Langara said the rains are making it hard to get to school.

“It is hard to commute. Sometimes you forgot the umbrella and even with the umbrella, sometimes it is raining hard and your shoes get wet. It is a hassle.”


Video by Bala Yogesh.

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