Queer liaison resigns due to Langara Students’ Union drama

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No more drama: Adam Giesbrecht resigned from his LSU position after just three months

Adam Giesbrecht resigned as the queer liaison and deputy media liaison of the Langara Students’ Union in January after holding the positions for only three months.

Giesbrecht said he left because he didn’t want to be a part of “the drama going on with the [student union] board,” anymore.

“The LSU staff has been there forever and they keep passing on drama after drama and it just builds after every new entry,” said Giesbrecht. “It’s the same way with The Voice. The drama keeps building and building and they just clash.”

Unable to get past administrative deadlock

The former liaison wanted to run workshops and programs to raise awareness and support Langara’s queer community.

However, he didn’t get the opportunity to bring his plans to fruition.  Giesbrecht said he was unable to get the required approval at an official meeting.

“If I were to rate [the experience] out of 10, I would probably say three,” he said.

Due to scheduling conflicts, Giesbrecht was unable to arrange the meeting which would have required the presence of a minimum three committee members and one staff member.

New bylaws do not clearly define the LSU’s role

According to Giesbrecht, the new LSU bylaws will have a general position about “gender equality” that will combine the queer position with the women’s liaison position.

However, he feels the new bylaws ratified by the LSU in December fail to define the duties and responsibilities of each position.

When asked for advice to those interested in running for an LSU position Giesbrecht said: “I highly recommend to really research what you’re getting into and making sure you know what you’re supposed to be doing. And when you get into it, hold people accountable.”

What’s next for the LSU?

Gurbax Leelh, the LSU media liaison, said the board doesn’t know who will fill the queer liaison position and, at the moment, they are focused primarily on policy issues.

According to Gerald Hornsby, LSU resource co-ordinator, the elections will be held sometime in September.

Reported by Deanna Cheng

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