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Puppies for Langara exam season in the works



Voice editor Edmond Lu visited SFU’s Burnaby campus to check out the puppy action.

Reported by Sableen Minhas

Langara’s library and learning commons has come up with De-Stress Fest to help students loosen up during the endless days of studying for exams.

“Every exam period the library extends the hour of operations,” said librarian Dan Slessor.

He said that along with the extended hours the library also runs different events until Dec. 7 to help students relax, including activities like puzzles, board games, and on Friday, free massage therapy for students to help them relax before the exams.

“We call it De-Stress Fest which is a series of events or activities to help students unwind during a stressful period.”

UBC, SFU brings in canine help

While Langara’s De-Stress Fest focuses on board games like chess and puzzles, UBC and SFU provides pet therapy to help students get over the exam stress.

Amber Mann, co-president of the UBC Mental Health Awareness Club, which provides pet visits on campus, said “personally going to the pet visits, I remember forgetting about my papers and finals and wanting to just get a chance to hold dogs or pet them.”

Mann said that they always have more students wanting to sign up than available spots. “The dogs love the attention and its fun to play with them or watch them do tricks,” Mann said.

Hope for puppies at Langara

Although Langara has not have a pet therapy program, Slessor said that the college might have pet visits for April exams.

“We are in discussions with the St. John Ambulance as they are the one that do it,” Slessor said. “So we have to ensure that we can handle that within our building policies. Although we couldn’t do it this semester but it might be on the horizon for April exams,” he added.

Sean Fraser, a marketing student said, “universities like UBC have better money. I think Langara is doing the best they can to help us.”

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