Cloud Coordinate: Public art installed at old Marpole bus shelter


An old Marpole bus shelter has been transformed into a public art instalment aimed at brightening-up commuter’s days.

The project, called Cloud Coordinate, sits on the corner of Granville St and 71st Avenue.

It is part of a five-year Emily Carr University and Marpole Business Improvement Association partnership, called chART: Public Art Marpole, aimed at bringing art to the streets of South Vancouver.

Cloud Coordinate

The bus shelter before the chART project. Photo: Cameron Cartiere

chART’s latest project is by Emily Carr University graduate students Elisa Yon and Felicia Batzloff.

The pair snapped eight pictures of sunny skies around the community and then displayed them on the glass walls of the bus shelter.

“It not only engages the artwork and artists with an audience, it also has the potential to redefine how we use public space,” said Yon.

The art is intended to be a massive postcard that asks people; if you could go anywhere in the whole world, where would you go?

“The postcard was then used to engage passersby and people waiting for the bus,” said Yon.

Future projects

The bus shelter now. Photo: Cameron Cartiere

The chART program was created by Cameron Cartiere, dean of graduate studies at Emily Carr, who intended to integrate public art into South Vancouver’s community.

“We are helping to make people drive to Marpole,” she said. “Not drive through it.”

Cloud Coordinate is just one of many art projects being created by chART: Public Art Marpole. The next big project will arrive in January 2013 and be introduced using social media. Details of the project are being kept under-wraps until the unveiling.

chART is also working on plans to install a permanent street mural at Granville and 66th Avenue, which would be ready to enjoy by next July.

Reported by Jake Hewer

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