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Photos: Spotted on campus – Langara students with style


This week I went out around campus with a department camera, taking pictures of people whose clothes or overall look I found interesting.

There were no rules about who was picked for a picture.

I approached whomever caught my eye.

As it turns out, Langara has quite a few fashionable students enrolled.

The pictures are below.

Click on the black and white dots to read more information about the clothing item tagged, along with the subjects explaining their personal style.

Are you into fashion? Dress your best or wear your favourite piece of clothing to school one day and you just mind find yourself on The Voice online.


Adam Kelliher

Environmental studies student

Spotted: Near the totem pole by the entrance to A Building


Samantha Howse

Environmental studies student

Spotted: In the lounge area next to the cafeteria


Je Chen Wang

University transfer student

Spotted: In the LSU buliding


Mikki Barnes

Psychology student

Spotted: Near the security office


Jonathan Warkentin

Arts and sciences student

Spotted: On the way to the library building


Ashley Jentin

Sciences student

Spotted: In the library building

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