Passive-aggressive bullying hits a nerve

Column by Madelyn Forsyth

Grow up Langara.

I came to college thinking it was a place full of respectful adults. Instead, I found myself surrounded by a new form of passive-aggressive bullying.

Langara wrapped up Bullying Awareness week and I was shocked to learn how bad the bullying situation is on college campusessuch as ours.

Cyberbullying has become so intense that our government has felt the need to criminally charge people who take it too far. The simplicity of telling someone something through the internet and not having to see their reaction or how it affects them seems to be what appeals to bullies.

High school was different because bullying almost seemed like a rite of passage. In college we are expected to act like adults, but the reality is that very few of us know what an adult acts like.

Langara confessions to blame?

The “Langara confessions” Facebook page is a dream for cyberbullies. This is the type of faceless bullying I find cowardly and most hurtful. Langara confessions is a hotbed for college bullying.

I always think back to what my mom told me as a kid: “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”

I only hope one day the world will collectively think the same way.

Reported by Madelyn Forsyth

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