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Opinion: Transit strike looms as winter-like conditions commence

Harsh winter conditions time up with the transit strike


Produced by Maxim Fossey

If a full Transit strike goes through this week, Vancouverites may end up in a rough situation during this coming holiday season. 

This shutdown could also be unfortunate for students with final exams right around the corner. 

The possibility of SkyTrain shutting down along with the busses would wreak havoc for those travelling from Downtown Vancouver to the airport for holiday season getaways.

 Likewise, as the winter season is nearing, according to the weather network more severe colder winter-like temperatures will start today and will continue throughout the coming months.

More people may pick up their bikes as an alternative to busses and with the upcoming harsh weather and possibly icy conditions, they may struggle to get on their way to work or school. You can never be too careful. 

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