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Opinion: Pokémon Go users lack an appreciation for nature

The Voice editor, Anna Tilley, reflects on the new phone gaming craze, Pokémon Go.

By Anna Tilley

With the cold season upon us, it’s now time for Pokémon Go, the game that captured hearts over the summer, to be laid to rest.

Year after year, people are finding more ways to look down at a screen rather then up to nature.

Pokémon Go has turned people into “gotta catch em all” robots, and it’s time for that to end.

People argue that Pokémon Go gets people outside and active.

This may be true that the app caused many to spend time outside at really any hour, but were they really outside mentally? Not likely.

People need to better appreciate what nature has to offer. The ability to turn off everything, without anxiety, is very important.

Pokémon Go had players outside, but they weren’t appreciating their surroundings. Users weren’t out for the sake of taking in fresh air or to enjoy the company of others. They were out for one reason only, to catch Pokémon.

Not only did this app cause users to ignore how beautiful their surroundings were, it also caused mindless and dangerous accidents.

People crossed highways, played while driving, and in one incident, two men fell off a cliff. These accidents all occurred in the pursuit of something that isn’t even really there.

The nostalgia Pokémon Go held is something to appreciate, but overall, it had its time. It’s just another app that took up a big chunk of users’ day-to-day lives, and fuelled society’s appreciation of technology over nature.

Throughout the upcoming months of falling leaves and frosty windows, hopefully Pokémon Go quietly and respectfully disappears off phones and allows its users to look up and appreciate life just a little more. There’s a whole world out there that doesn’t need to be explored through an app.

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