Opinion: Ozone therapy is a ridiculous treatment that can kill

Dangerous therapy with numerous alleged benefits shouldn't be used to treat ailments


By Cameron Thomson

Ozone therapy isn’t sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration for a reason — it’s dangerous. Ozone is a toxic gas that has killed people and has poisoned the blood of others in hopes it will treat disease.

This is a last-ditch effort on part of people who feel they are out of options for treatments. It’s criminal that people are selling this as a golden opportunity in hopes this will cure them.

Health Canada does not take a position on the therapy, which is ridiculous. The FDA have strong views on a health problem that affects Canadians, yet Health Canada has merely advised against the use of ozone generators in homes.

Ozone therapy has become a global phenomenon. Businesses offer a range of benefits of the therapy that seem too good to be true. For example, a business in Texas called Austin Ozone lists 100 different uses for ozone therapy ranging from the burning of excess sugar to preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Two very different things treated with the same therapy—seems odd that ozone therapy hasn’t made headlines as the wonder therapy capable of anything.

Ozone therapy is the practice of introducing more oxygen into the bloodstream. This can be done through the vagina, rectum, injected into a muscle, under the skin or directly into veins. Ozone can also be introduced to the blood by drawing blood from the patient and after exposure, injecting it back. There are people who buy ozone machines for themselves and inject ozone at home. Yes, even the one administered through the vagina. These are procedures people have worries about when being done by a doctor, let alone a family member.

The FDA also said ozone can irritate mucous membranes, something Jennifer Gunter, an obstetrician, gynecologist and a pain medicine physician wrote about passionately on her blog, “Gas introduced into the vagina can enter the blood stream and kill you. Enough said.”

Ozone is a dangerous toxic gas and the therapy could cause death. To not see the correlation is purely naïve.

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