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Opinion: ‘Homeless fashion’ made trendy by Kanye West

Editor Alison Pudsey says you can thank Kanye West for latest tattered clothing trend.

By Alison Pudsey 

It used to be trendy to just have rips in your jeans, but a new trend known as “homeless fashion” has quickly changed that. Now, it is fashionable to have rips just about anywhere in your clothes, and you can thank Kanye West for that. His new YEEZY Season 3 line has homeless inspired fashion, which includes sweaters tattered with holes, that look like they could fall apart at any minute.

Well I love a good pair of ripped jeans; I can’t say this is a trend I would be eager to explore. This grunge-inspired look means having holes all over your clothes and my first concern is, how do the clothes even last? Being on a limited budget as a student, I want the clothes I buy to last and not just fall apart in a few weeks. When I go shopping, I usually look for fabric quality that can endure my busy lifestyle. Buying items already shredded and covered in holes, seems like a waste to me.

Homelessness is a major issue in Vancouver and some believe this trend is somewhat poking fun at the most vulnerable population. The title of “homeless fashion” makes me question the sensitivity towards these individuals. Some people, homeless or not, have no other choice but to wear clothing with holes, and these holes may have nothing to do with fashion. I would hate to wear any piece of clothing that appears to be mocking someone else, especially someone who is suffering.

Everyone has the freedom to wear whatever they want and express themselves through their clothing, but this is a trend I will definitely be passing on.

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