Opinion: Hey! Urinals are for pee!


By Nathan Durec

Spitting gum into a urinal or toilet may seem like a small insignificant action that is not worthy of thought.

When a chewed wad of Bazooka Joe shoots out of your mouth and bounces off the porcelain, you might even get a tiny sense of satisfaction.

Hey, it might even give you something to aim at. Make it a game!

Smarten up. It’s not a game, and the reality is that it is very annoying to the custodial staff that has to spend time each day cleaning the sticky wet mess. And they do. Langara’s custodial staff removes gum from urinals and toilets a few times a day.

This can actually turn into a larger problem if it’s not dealt with. Gum can clog drains and cause a backup.

One suggestion from a Langara student is to place signs in bathrooms, reminding bladder relievers of their true purpose.

This reminds me of a friend who bought some new underwear. The label on the inside band had written on it, “Change Daily.”

Thank goodness for that.

When you spit your gum into a urinal, toss unending sheets of toilet paper into a toilet or leave paper towels in a bathroom sink, it’s not just gross for the next person that uses it. It’s inconsiderate.

But students that see the end results of these disgusting habits are not tasked with cleaning them up. They can simply use a different toilet, wash up and be on their way.

But not our custodial staff. Your behaviour leaves them with a never-ending battle against a lack of human decency.

So next time you’re in the bathroom on campus and think about spitting out your gum, please think again.

Think as many times as is required for you to keep it in your mouth, walk the few feet to the garbage bin (every bathroom has one!) and spit it out there.

I’m sure you can handle the extra effort and save someone else from cleaning your mess.

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