Opinion: Hey fellow cyclists, let’s all follow the rules!

Even if you're on a bicycle, it's important to be mindful of others on the road


Produced by Mathilda de Villiers

With over 450 lane-kilometres of bike lanes in Vancouver, you’ll be hard-pressed to commute without crossing one at some point. You’ll be hard-pressed to also not come across a cyclist at any given point while traveling through the city, whether it’s sunny or snowing outside.

Throughout the three years of me living in the city, I have been a pedestrian, a driver and a cyclist. In my opinion, it’s when people on the road aren’t being mindful of others they share the road with, that accidents happen. But being mindful requires an understanding of the other modes of transportation out there – being aware of blindspots in vehicles, for example.

Cycling is a very common form of commuting and it’s not getting any less popular. All of us, no matter how we’re choosing to commute, need to be alert to the other commuters on the road, especially if their way of commuting is different to your own. I have seen my cyclists fail to stop at stop signs and adequately yield in a roundabout, which is equally as dangerous as a vehicle not doing so.

In the end, we’re all sharing the road with one another and it always boils down to safety.


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