Opinion: Healthy alcohol is not as healthy as it looks


Reported by Violetta Kryak

Healthy alcohol is proving to be the new healthy lifestyle trend, but it seems to be more of a profitable marketing strategy than really beneficial to the health of consumers.

Ving Vodka, a company that started making organic vodka infused with corn, kale, lemon peel and cucumber, is in the final stages of expanding into Vancouver.

The notion of living longer and healthier is circulating around Vancouver and kale-infused vodka seems to be the right thing to get people interested.

It’s everyone’s ultimate goal to be able to combine everything pleasant and healthy, and here you are offered the chance. Sounds tempting, but does this drink really give you all the nutritional benefits of a vegetable?

Alcohol by definition cannot be healthy no matter how many vegetables its infused with or how organic it claims to be. Drinking to ‘keep going’ is like hitting a horse with a whip – it still won’t run forever.

Testimonies from Ving Vodka consumers claim that they can drink more kale vodka and not get as drunk as with regular liquor.

A drink trends consultant said that alcohol consumption is declining globally and companies are trying to attract the millennial demographic that’s more concerned about what is going into their bodies.

Seriously though, who drinks vodka to get healthy? Let’s be honest, people drink to enjoy it, not for its health benefits.

Young people are more attracted to healthy trends and veganism so it seems like the idea of healthy drinking is attractive, but at the end of the day, it is still alcohol and alcohol isn’t healthy.

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