Opinion: Grey skies and rain make for gloomy students


By Simran Gill

Simran Gill said that the two months of rain make it hard for students to commute.

Vancouverites have been enduring the rain almost everyday for the past two months. With the recent time change the days have gotten shorter, and gloomier, with the sun beginning to set everyday around 4:30 p.m.

It is proven that in most people, an absence of sun leads to feeling depressed and having a lack of motivation. When I look out the window every morning and it is grey and rainy, I find myself not wanting to leave the comfort of my warm bed.

I am a person who loves soaking in the sun, and being outdoors when the weather is beautiful. One of the things that I despise most, is being cold, therefore when it comes to fall and winter, I am in complete hibernation mode.

With the regular precipitation Raincouver has been facing, students can often struggle with finding the right gear that permits them to be on the constant go to and from school on transit while still remaining warm, dry, and comfortable.

Many students don’t have a vehicle and are forced to commute in the rain.

Fortunately for me, I don’t have to use public transit often but when I do there are key items I never leave home without. No matter what the weather looks like in the morning, I always carry a small, umbrella with me. Since we are living in one of the wettest cities in Canada it is almost inevitable that throughout each day we will see rainfall.

Attending class regularly can be discouraging for students when the weather is rainy; generally, attendance in classes begins to dwindle away during the colder months.

I know when the weather is gloomy I have very little motivation to come to class, but with an umbrella and hot chocolate in hand its’ easier to not let Vancouver’s wet weather put a damper on the day.

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