Opinion: Fresh blood needed for culture


Reported by Agazy Mengesha 

If you’re encouraging those who come from other post-secondary institutions to transfer to Langara, don’t be surprised about a lack of school culture.

One of Langara’s most touted features, what sets it apart from other post-secondary institutions, is its transfer credits system. Up to 60% of your graduation requirements for Langara can be transferred from another college or university, which makes it an ideal institution for those who have already graduated.

But why should they care about its extracurricular features or its special events? They came to the school for their grades. And since it’s not their first post-secondary institution, it seems unlikely they would hold any special connection to Langara.

Come for the academics, but nothing to keep students here

Students transfer to Langara for their grades, ignoring extracurricular activities available here, which leads to fewer demands for such activities. 

This results in faculty ignoring the issue, which in turn just leads to potential students passing up Langara in favour of post-secondary schools with a stronger campus culture.

Targeting high school students an option for increasing culture

One possible solution would be to increase advertising towards younger potential students, particular those just graduating from high school.

As students fresh out of high school, Langara would be their first post-secondary institution. In a larger new environment like Langara, they would naturally gravitate towards people with similar experiences and interests.

They’d seek out clubs and events that appeal to them, and be more entrenched in social experiences at Langara.

If Langara wishes to increase its transfer culture changes are needed, either in advertising towards a younger population or in the building of extracurricular activities on campus. Otherwise, Langara will just be a shell.

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