Opinion: Access to tampons is a human right


By Missy Johnson

The debate to make menstrual products more available in all public washrooms has been ongoing in Canada for the last couple of years and it’s be pretty obvious that, just like toilet paper, they should be free. 

No woman or girl should have a fear of missing out because they don’t have the products their bodies need. 

In March, Rob Fleming, the minister of education, announced that one in seven girls in Canada miss out on learning time due to a lack of menstrual products.

In March, the province announced that all public schools in the province would be required to provide tampons and pads for free to students.

Menstruation is a basic and normal bodily function that you can’t control and not being able to have access to these items means missing not only education but social activities as well.

Some colleges offer free tampons at the security office or health clinic, but you wouldn’t expect  someone to run all over campus asking for toilet paper.

I can’t imagine living in a world where men would have to pay for toilet paper or ask their friends for it if they don’t have any. 

Aiding in providing access to these items means we are helping to provide dignity and reduce the stress and anxiety that is associated with not knowing where to get your next tampon or pad.

In a study done by Plan International earlier this year, women and men overwhelmingly encourage making menstrual products free in public spaces. 

The bottom line is men and boys have everything they need in public washrooms and women and girls deserve the same, especially if it means by not having these items they are socially and economically put at a disadvantage. 

These products should also be available in both men and women’s washrooms to ensure no one is left out.


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