D2L says program is fixed but some students and instructors say there are still problems

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Langara student Patty Zhu using her laptop to access her D2L courses
Photo: Marie-Andree Del Cid

D2L says problem solved, as faculty and students continue to find it difficult to use D2L as Langara’s online course management system.

Langara switched to Desire2Learn last year, replacing Blackboard as the school’s online system. However, D2L continues to cause challenges such as being able to download databases, upload files or load pages without the system crashing.

Virginia Jamieson, the public relations director for Desire2Learn, said the last outage occurred in D2L’s data centre on March 4, 2013, which impacted customers for as many as nine hours.

D2L says problems are being resolved

“Our teams have conducted an in-depth investigation into the issue,” said Jamieson.

Jamieson explained that the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) support organization has screened the issue and is working with D2L partners to fix the problems. Proactive monitoring is allowing the D2L network operations center to analyze and be able to resolve any future issues before they impact their customers.

D2L is too time-consuming say some 

Carol MacLeod, an anthropology instructor at Langara, said D2L’s problems continue to be frustrating, “The system never worked well, but now things have gone from bad to worse, and we can’t log online,” said MacLeod. “I find that D2L is taking up huge amounts of time as I add so many resources to the site.  My online course eats up two thirds of my weekend.”

MacLeod has made the transition to incorporate online course material into the classroom setting, showing students where to find the course material on D2L.Yet MacLeod says, hardware is not well maintained enough for us to take advantage of the potential of D2L.

D2L can be just as frustrating for students such as political science student Ravneet Dhadli.

“It’s not easy to access files, which is a flaw. One night, I was not able to access a document when my assignment was due, and I had to rely on a classmate who luckily had downloaded it,” she said. However, economics student Patty Zhu, disagrees and says that D2L was easy to use for her macro economics class, “ I liked using it because it allows you to see your marks and completing quizzes are easy to do on there.”

Although Langara is finding it difficult to use D2L, other institutions are adopting the system into their education like Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo.

Reported by Marie-Andree Del Cid

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