Langara nursing professor running in Richmond North Centre riding


Reported by Shoji Whittier

A Langara College instructor is running for MLA in Richmond North Centre for the provincial election in May.

Lyren Chiu has been a nursing instructor at Langara for three years. While an educator by trade, Chiu is no stranger to politics. She led a coalition against Bill C-51 in 2008.

Chiu was approached last August by the BC NDP to run in the upcoming election. While she was hesitant at first, her students’ faith in her fuelled her determination.

“I decided to take the chance,” Chiu said. “I inspired my students and then my students inspired me.”

Lyren Chiu discusses her plans as MLA after concluding a Nursing Research exam on Feb 3, 2017. Photo by Shoji Whittier

Chiu said she would dedicate more resources to education and healthcare, areas she has experience in.

She also said she supports cancelling Medical Services Plan of B.C. premiums, and wants to improve the healthcare system to better address mental health issues.

Chiu added that she would like to see more funding for all levels of education.

Fellow NDP candidate Amandeep “Aman” Singh supports Chiu’s aim to increase education funding.

“[The BC Liberals] haven’t funded education properly in a decade and a half,” Singh said. “When a government has been in power for so long, it becomes arrogant and cynical, and we see that through all of the different policies they have.”

Sarah Ehinger, one of Chiu’s nursing research students, supports her teacher’s bid for election.

“I think she’s really intelligent and she’s personable,” Ehinger said. “She cares about her students and the community.”

Chiu spoke with Langara’s chief advisors, and secured a leave of absence in the event she is elected.

Below: Related infographic of candidates in the Vancouver-Langara riding for May’s 2017 B.C. provincial election.

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