Marpole Community Plan seeks to harness growth

A map showing the areas in Marpole that need the greatest planning attention.Photo:  City of Vancouver website
A map showing the areas in Marpole that need the greatest planning attention.
Photo: City of Vancouver website

People in the Marpole community will enjoy new homes and apartments, as well as improved buildings and services, according to a government initiative.

The development is much needed, according to Claudia Laroye, the Executive Director of the Marpole Business Improvement Association.

“We have to build for our future, because in the past few decades, very very little…has occurred. Very little building of any kind, very little new residences. It was stagnating,” said Laroye.

“You can only have so much stagnation before you get deterioration,” she said.

Plan seeks to ease neighbourhood traffic

The Marpole Community Plan works with government departments to improve community infrastructure and provide relief to the busy traffic along the area’s five main arterials: Oak, Granville, Cambie, Marine Drive and 70th Avenue.

Statistics from the Marpole Community Plan show that Marpole has increased residential areas by 35 per cent since the 1970s. In 2011, almost 1,500 residential units have been approved for construction.

Chief among the improvements slated for the new Marpole is affordable housing, According to the Marpole Community Plan, 47 per cent of families who rent spends more than 30 per cent of their income on housing, which is higher than the city-wide average of 39 per cent paying more.

Marpole’s official borders are Angus Drive to the west, 57th Avenue to the north, Main Street to the east and the Fraser River to the south.

Residents speak mind at open house

At a packed open house at the George Pearson Centre, community members discussed the needs of the community with city employees.

“We also need to combat homelessness, something that is a problem across city but also in the Marpole area,” said Dan Garrison, a city worker talking at the open house.

The City of Vancouver will host an Open Spaces Workshop on March 13 at the Marpole Oakridge Community Centre, which is one of the major buildings the city is planning to improve.

Reported by Niall Shannon

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