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New B.C. Liberals candidate running for Vancouver-Langara riding



Michael Lee (middle) and his campaign party on Manson St. and W 39th Ave. Photo taken from social media: @LangaraBCLibs

Reported by Lauren Boothby

The B.C. Liberals will replace incumbent Moira Stilwell with business lawyer Michael Lee.

The B.C. Liberals announced Wednesday, Lee will be running for the Vancouver-Langara riding in the 2017 provincial election. He will replace incumbent Moira Stilwell, who announced her retirement earlier this year.

Lee is a partner with a business law firm, Lawson Lundell LLP in Vancouver and a board member of the YMCA of Greater Vancouver.

B.C. Young Liberals president Sebastian Zein spoke well of the candidate and his involvement with the youth.

“What struck me about him is he always made it a priority to get young people involved in anything the riding was doing and make them feel welcomed,” he said.

“He had experienced people, young people. It was a really good energetic team he’s building there.”

Lee’s past political experience

Lee had previously served as a political assistant to a cabinet minister in the 1990s.

Zein also said Lee’s past record of community service is an asset.

“He’s had a strong dedication to the Vancouver community and for B.C, that’s why he’s taking the next step and looking to representing Vancouver-Langara,” he said.

“Certainly [his] experience of broader civil society with all manner of diverse groups definitely points to the fact that he has experience with a wider network of non-profits in B.C.”

NDP searching for a Vancouver-Langara candidate

The NDP are currently searching for a new candidate elect in the Vancouver-Langara riding, according to Vancouver-Langara NDP president Jim Murray.

“Unlike the Liberals we tend to do things more democratically,” he said. “We do have a nomination process.

We will have a nomination meeting probably late January or early February and members will get to decide.”

Murray is curious to know how Lee will interact with Premier Christy Clark in the future because he is suspicious about Lee’s connections to the federal conservative party.

“Where does Mr. Lee stand on this?” he said. “Christy Clark put our coast in the hands of the Harper government without really knowing the risk and the thousand of good jobs that depend on our coastline.”

The Voice reached out to government officials regarding the selection of Michael Lee as the representative.

MLA Stilwell, B.C. Liberals, and Michael Lee weren’t able to comment from them.

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