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New app aims to reduce wait times at restaurants

Vancouver-made app Glance pay provides a new way to pay restaurant bills, but it's only available at select restaurants.
Vancouver-made app Glance Pay provides a new way to pay restaurant bills, but it’s only available at select restaurants. Photo by Emelie Peacock

Reported by Emelie Peacock

A new mobile payment app is teaming up with restaurants across Metro Vancouver, including Pink Elephant Thai in South Vancouver, to help customers settle their bills quicker.

The Vancouver-made app, Glance Pay, allows customers to save time and collect reward points while dining out simply by taking a photo of their bill and paying for it through the app. Currently there are 38 restaurants across Metro Vancouver using the app, including Pink Elephant Thai, the only one in South Vancouver.

South Van restaurant hopes app will catch on

Teresa Tan, manager of the Pink Elephant Thai, said the app isn’t very popular yet, but it could help save time during busier hours.

“Not all the customers use it, but if everybody [used it], it’s good because [we’re a] lunch restaurant so we’re busy,” Tan said.

Angela Griffin, chief technology officer at Glance Technologies Inc., said Glance Pay is meant to cut down on the average eight minutes it takes to pay ­for a meal after requesting the bill, especially in busy or under-staffed restaurants.

“In a busy restaurant or where there’s not very many servers on, you can wait a long time for that process when they come back to pay,” she said. “Then when they do come back to pay, often they’re standing there with the credit card machine and it’s kind of an awkward situation,” Griffin said.

Some students skeptical

Griffith said the company doesn’t have plans to expand further into South Vancouver yet.

Some Langara students said they were skeptical about whether or not they would use the app. Student Adrian Hon did not think the app would have much of an impact on wait times.

“Sometimes you have to wait for the receipt too right, so it doesn’t come, so I’m not really sure if it will have a big impact on it,” Hon said.

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