Neknominations? Try acts of kindess instead

Column by Andrea Anthony
Column by Andrea Anthony

Drinking games are nothing new, but the newest Internet craze, neknominations, has taken this tradition to a whole new level of insanity.  Neknominations involve people filming themselves drinking alcohol in some outrageous way then nominating their friends to try and one-up them within 24 hours.

Participants tag the friends they want to nominate in their neknomination post, thus creating peer pressure to complete the task.

According to BBC, there have been up to five deaths caused by neknominations so far.

A young South African man comes up with an alternative

In response to the neknomination videos, a young man in South Africa has put a positive spin on the dangerous drinking game, starting raknominations, in which people are challenged to complete a random act of kindness.

Now, this is an idea I can get behind.

The act of performing insane and potentially dangerous drinking stunts adds nothing of value to the world besides a minute or two of cheap entertainment.

However, since raknominations evolved from neknominations, perhaps neknominations served a purpose after all. Hopefully we can move on to better things. Using the Internet and the power of viral videos to spread kindness around the world is powerful because of the message it sends.

Giving food away to people

A popular act featured on the raknomination videos is giving away food to people. For example, another South African man went into KFC and bought meals to give to the young parking attendants outside. The man told the boys it was to thank them for working so hard. They kept saying they wished they could repay him and were clearly much happier than only minutes earlier. Another man gave gloves, a toque, a jacket and soup to a homeless man on the street.

Some critics have said filming yourself doing a good deed is narcissistic, but they are missing the point. Posting videos of yourself doing random acts of kindness then challenging your friends to do the same creates a positive chain reaction I hope we can all support.

Reported by Andrea Anthony

Watch a raknomination video below:

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