Moira Stilwell celebrating one-year anniversary of WorkBC centre

Moira Stilwell at WorkBC
Moira Stilwell at WorkBC. Photo: Jes Cunningham

The MLA for Vancouver-Langara was at the WorkBC centre on West Hastings Street to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the facility’s opening.

“Your success and what you’re celebrating today speaks to everyone [at this celebration],” Moira Stilwell said as she cut a cake laden with icing and slices of fruit.

WorkBC on Hastings

The Hastings facility is one of 73 WorkBC centres scattered throughout the province that offer work placement services to people seeking jobs.

Each building is operated by a different contractor.

WorkBC on Hastings has been operated by the Open Door Group, a non-profit organization employment placement group this past year.

And when Stilwell wasn’t carving up pastries, the BC Liberal party member was examining the array of cake pops that lined the tables beside.

During the course of her 15-minute visit to the establishment, she made every attempt to gather attention to the province’s job initiatives.

“In the past year, employment B.C. centres . . . have seen a total of 83,000 British Columbians, who are looking to improve their life [and] find work,” said Stilwell to the crowd of 40 gathered at the occasion. “Over 50 per cent found jobs.”

Tom Burnell, the CEO of Open Door Group also had a few words on how the progress of the facility.

“The employment service centres are a fairly new vision,” Burnell said. “It’s a vision based on trying to meet the local needs, not only of the clients and residents that live in the area, but of the demands of the employers.”

 Reported by Jes Cunningham

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