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Millennials prefer easy to navigate media sites


Reported by Chelsea Powrie

Matthew Tam often likes to scroll through BuzzFeed and its cooking section Tasty until 2 a.m.

“I would [smostly stay]  on them because they just appeal to me as a person. I find BuzzFeed just post entertaining stuff and Tasty, the food just looks good,” said Tam, a first-year Langara College psychology student.

They’ve learned to appeal to their demographic

Online aggregators like BuzzFeed and local sources like the Daily Hive say they find success with millennials like Tam because they give their audiences content that they like.

“We’re giving people what they want,” said Farhan Mohamed, founder of Vancouver based website, Daily Hive. “I think a lot of times what we’ve been seeing with other outlets, they will invest in something thinking that’s where people are going, when the data shows otherwise. So we try to go off of data to see what people want and adapt on that.”

Bob Kronbauer Creator of Vancouver Is Awesome
Bob Kronbauer
Creator of Vancouver Is Awesome

Bob Kronbauer started Vancouver Is Awesome in 2008 as a response to the “no fun city” reputation that Vancouver was gaining. He wanted a platform that brought together writers from the city who were passionate about local culture and history. The site took off – Kronbauer started as the first and only employee, and today the company has five on staff.

“I can see how well video content resonates with people and we’re not producing enough of that for our audience.”

Traditional news doesn’t pop out

Meghan Dixon, a Langara natural science student, said traditional news fails to produce enthusiasm in young adults.

“I personally don’t like watching or reading the news because I feel like I am old when I do,” Dixon said. “You can say [I like] hyped up news stuff like I feel like it’s more interesting and it like wants me to read more about it.”

Dennis Pang, agency director of Popcorn, a Vancouver media relations company, said what makes Daily Hive successful is that they are able communicate directly to the millennials.

“I think that comes from a combo of being really social media savvy as well, having their own presence on social media, and they’ve really grown from being just your Vancouver blog into more of a news outlet,” Pang said.

Tam said he prefers online aggregators for news rather than traditional media.

“I would say it’s just different content targeted at different audiences. Like CBC is more relevant, real-life news,” said Tam. “I prefer to read and watch Buzzfeed just because right now, world news isn’t the highest importance to me.”

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