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Microwaves and therapy: Here’s what Langara students really want


Reported by Alyse Kotyk and Caitlin O’Flanagan

Langara students Kenny Zheng, Oscar Li, Jerrick Cai and Chisaki Tanaka sitting for the lunch in the lower LSU. Photo by Alyse Kotyk


Over the past few weeks, Langara Students’ Union has been hosting open houses to get student input on new services and bylaws.

The daily, 90 minute meetings have taken place since Jan. 23 and will continue until Feb. 9.

“The LSU directors would like to include as much student input in its bylaws,” said a media representative from the LSU over email.

The LSU said many students have participated in the meetings and provided input over email as well. Unfortunately, when The Voice attended one of the open houses to hear feedback, no students showed up. Though by no means representative of the entire student body, The Voice spoke to nearly a dozen students who were entirely unaware of the meetings.

Here are some of the services those students said they wanted to see.


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