Men’s and women’s 2012 fall fashion graces Langara campus



Photo: Jana Minor

This fall, Langara boys and girls are tapping the colour wheel for inspiration. Not only that, but overall looks are going more eclectic, taking tips from Mom’s old wardrobe. In men’s fashion, playing around with different textiles is in this season.

Women walking with sun in stride

We can thank the dry, sunny summer for an abundant crop of women’s fashion at Langara this October.

The record-breaking sunshine streak has kept raincoats and gumboots at bay and created a welcome opportunity for Vancouver style mavens to strut their stuff during fashion’s high season.

And strut they do. Park yourself on any bench to watch every trickle-down trend from New York to Milan sashay past on this virtual campus runway.

“Beautiful weather inspires me to put on beautiful clothes,” says arts and science student Kateryna Paliy, wearing a rust-toned jacket and golden scarf.

The colours of fall

Colour trends for women this fall are inspired by nature. Earth and jewel tones like marigold yellow, olive green, rusty orange, and oxblood red are abundant.

Boots of all heights and colours remain the foundation of most wardrobes. Arts student Ros Teeple shows off her camel-coloured leather ankle boots with wood-grain heel.

“I don’t like wearing flats. Everyone wants to be at least one inch taller,” she said.

Remember when you made fun of your mom for wearing that? 

Nearby on trend-setting Main Street, Langara style gets the thumbs up.

Cara Stryer, buyer at Vincent Park boutique, rattles off a list of must-haves: high-waisted denim, oversized knits, western- and military-style boots, and coloured denim.

“Anything goes,” adds Stryer. “People can do whatever they want.”

Natalie Kunow, owner of Woo Vintage on Main Street said old trends are being recycled too. After not selling jean jackets for years, Kunow says they’re flying off her hangers now.

Kunow said fur has also come back in style along with ’80s loafers and jumpsuits. She predicts high-waisted shorts will be a big item this fall and winter.

Kunow notices customers are trying to pair clothes unusually. “It’s not fun to look like everyone else,” she said.

This is a slideshow of women’s fashion at Langara College. All photos by Jana Minor.

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I love a man in mustard

Bright colours are on their way in this fall for men and some mainstays of past seasons are on their way out.

Tapered jeans, preferably in a mustard or blue or wine-red are all fair game.

The colour train hasn’t left behind menswear columnist J.J. Lee. He has bright greens, cerulean blues, as well as pinks and yellows in his wardrobe.

Textures and textiles

Cottons, flannels and canvas are popular fabics this season, Avi Juliá, a Motherland employee said.

Linen is also in this fall in Vancouver, according to Lee, but he advises buttoning up your jacket for a neat, trim look.

“Generally, as a safe rule, you look a lot sharper,” he said. “I never unbutton the jacket.”

Pea coats and trench coats, or some blend of the two together, are fashionable for fall, said Lee.

As for what plays into Lee’s own style? “Oh, poverty,” he said laughed. “The idea of patching and weathered [clothing] is kind of cool.”

This is a slideshow of men’s fashion at Langara College. All photos by Bronwyn Scott.

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Reported by Jana Minor and Bronwyn Scott

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