Marpole park could be expanding to nearby streets

Montcalm and 71st in Marpole. Photo courtesy of Flickr.
Montcalm and 71st in Marpole. Photo courtesy of Flickr

First it was houses, now it’s grass?

The City of Vancouver, under the Marpole Community Plan launched last spring, has proposed the expansion of Marpole Park located at the corner of W 72nd Avenue, off Cartier Street.

This proposed expansion is part of the city’s Street-to-Parks concept, which is quite simple: transform a nearby street into additional park space.

But Marpole residents are skeptical.

Joyce Millard, a long-time Marpole resident, said she was concerned over the traffic congestion if 72 Avenue was obstructed in any way.

“I like the idea of more park space but I think removing a street would cause a disruption to the flow of traffic,” said Millard.

Similar fears were heard when the Voice covered the Thin-Streets concept that was proposed to the Marpole community last year (Oct. 2011).

But Millard did add she was in favour of the project.

“We could always use more green space,” said Millard.

Why Marpole Park?

Marpole Park was just one of three parks selected as potential pilots for the program.

Ebisu Park on W 72 Avenue, and Shaughnessy Park past SW Marine Drive, along Shaughnessy Street were also selected.

The public viewed Shaughnessy as a good location for the program, but Ebisu less so.

One individual from the Ebisu info session held last November said, according to published comments posted online: “The proposed park will create very undesirable traffic problems for a small gain in park space. Is it worth the pain?”

Another individual added: “This idea would work better at Marpole Park (72nd and Cartier). This park is new and neat; Marpole Park needs refurbishing!”

An info session on Marpole Park was held last Saturday, but public consultation remains open until Feb. 11.

Marpole residents who wish to voice their opinion can log online at the City of Vancouver website under Marpole Community Plan and submit and electronic form.

Reported by Brandon Kostinuk

Watch: Marpole Community Plan – City of Vancouver

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