Makeup tips for spring

Lighter shades are where it’s at this spring, according to Blanche MacDonald students

With warmer weather upon us, it’s time to ditch the dark, bold jewel-tones and opt for lighter, simpler hues and textures when buying cosmetics, according to freelance makeup artist Cassandra Hrynkow.

While heavy, muted palettes dominated the winter months, the 24-year-old Blanche Macdonald makeup school student said one of the biggest keys to keeping up with spring trends is to incorporate more colour into your beauty routine. While dark lips and bold eyes suited winter’s gloom, spring allows lighter, brighter makeup looks.

Tis the season to lighten up 

“You’re seeing a lot of transition from winter to summer, so it’s sort of that segue,” she said.

Pastels hues like teal and mint are currently trending in the makeup industry.

“A lot of the things I’ve seen in magazines recently for this coming spring include a black liner with a coloured liner over top of it.”

Go nude

As far as lipstick goes, Hrynkow advised that it’s time to tuck away wine and mulberry shades and choose a nude or pinky tone that better suits your skin tone.

“Absolutely no dark lips in the spring,” she said. “It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.”

When choosing a foundation, she noted that dewier finishes are preferable to the full-coverage of a matte look this season. She recommended buyers consider picking up a new foundation that’s one to two shades darker than they’d wear in the winter.

Mix up designer and drugstore brands

She said that MAC Cosmetics is her favourite place to buy foundation. However, she said she’s also a fan of drugstore brands like Maybelline.

She also raved about BB cream, citing it as a lighter, creamier alternative to heavy foundations.

Don’t be trendy, be you 

While trends are changing with the season, Hrynkow said that some of winter’s popular looks like bold eyebrows and winged eyeliner still remain.

She said, however, that personal confidence in your look is more important than trying to keep up with trends. She recommends that novice makeup users “play around” with

cosmetics in order to figure out what works for them.

“Spring is about a youthful renaissance and bright and light and airy,” she said. “You just have to figure out how that translates with you.”

Reported by Hailey MacDonald 

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