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LSU election sparks push for change from students


Reported by Bonnie Lee La Madeleine

LSU election sign, photo by Bonnie Lee La Madeleine
LSU election poster. Photo by Bonnie Lee La Madeleine.

Langara students hope the upcoming student union election will provide opportunities for change around campus.

The Langara Students’ Union officially kicked off the election season on campus the second week of September. Since those elected will advocate for all Langara students over the next year, the Langara Voice asked students what would make their experience on campus better.

“I’d like a quiet place to study,” said Isabel Nwangi, a mathematics student who arrived on campus in January, and who spends most of her time in the new science building. “There is no place to go that is quiet and doesn’t smell of food.”

Not enough hang out space for students

Other students, who spend their non-class time in the LSU, are concerned about a lack of space and water fountains.

Danson Jin, a second-year general arts student, said, “More water fountains. I don’t see any in the LSU and that’s a problem.”

However, the space and layout of furniture is a bigger concern for second-year student Pushpinder Budhiraja.

“With more students, the space, it’s getting compact. Look, the foosball table is stuck between those chairs and sofas.

“So, it’s kind of like a lot of things in a small place,” said Budhiraja while pointing at the furniture in the LSU.

LSU office is accepting student feedback and suggestions

Lounging area in the Student Union Building, photo by Bonnie Lee La Madeleine
Lounging area in the Student Union Building. Photo by Bonnie Lee La Madeleine.

Students can visit the LSU offices on the second floor of the Students’ Union Building to share ideas, opinions, and suggestions about the LSU and Langara. They can also go online to the LSU “Contact Us” page at, or students can email their suggestions to the LSU at

Thirteen positions up for grabs in this falls election, and the campaign period runs from Oct. 22 to Oct. 28. Students can vote from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 in the Langara Students’ Union Building

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