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Lost and found sale at Langara a success



People line up for the lost and found sale at Langara College’s main foyer. Photo by Lauren Boothby

Reported by Lauren Boothby

Steven Hall loses an umbrella every semester, but he found a cheap one Tuesday morning.

The Langara College United Way Campaign hosted a lost and found sale in the Building A foyer. Last year the sale raised around one thousand dollars for the charity. Hall is one of the many students who took advantage of the sale, which included umbrellas, USB sticks, books, clothing, electronics and some unusual items.

But Hall, a psychology student, was interested in a more practical purchase.

Steven Hall loses a umbrella every semester and found this one for less than $3. Photo by Lauren Boothby

“I got an umbrella for $2.50, which is what I love,” he said. “I probably lose an umbrella every semester. It’s kind of like paying-it-forward, I guess.”

Jackie Scheepbouwer, who works in human resources at Langara, helped organize the event. She said there were a couple strange items this year.

“There’s a vibrating seat cushion over there. I think that’s pretty strange,” she said. “We try to sell anything. We make money for a great charity.”

Unusual items are lost all the time

Les Apouchtine, from Langara’s registrar’s office, was surprised the cushion had not been purchased.

“How much more comfortable would class be with your own massage chair?” he said. “Relax yourself while you’re writing an exam. You’re going to ace your test for sure!”

Apouchtine said children’s skis and set of coasters stood out to him.

“Why you’re walking around with coasters, I don’t know,” he said.

usb-pearceJosie Pearce, recreation leadership student, said she came hoping to find a skateboard helmet she turned in last week, but it was not there because the owner has a year to claim it.

Pearce lost a few of her own items on campus.

“I lose [things] everywhere,” she said. “Sweaters and stuff. I don’t know where half my stuff goes so I’m assuming some of it is left here.”

Pearce picked up a USB stick for herself.

“I’ll probably lose it again, though,” she said. “I lost my last one.”


Photo by Lauren Boothby
Photo by Lauren Boothby


Photo by Lauren Boothby














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