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Langara Social Club throws first party of the year

Third from the left,Alex Zang and fourth from the left Iva Volaric heading to the "Light Up" party hosted by the Langara Social Club on Oct. 11.
From right to left Iva Volaric and Alex Zang heading to the “Light Up” party with some friends, the party was organized by the Langara Social Club at Fortune Sound Club on Oct. 11, 2014. Photo: Jes Hovanes

Reported by Jes Hovanes

Over 100 people showed up at Fortune Sound Club on Oct. 11 for the Langara Social Club’s first event of the school year: a hip hop dance party dubbed “Light Up.”

Founded in 2012 by students who saw a need for more opportunities for student involvement, the Langara Social Club organizes events designed to bring students together both on and off campus.

Event organizer Eyren Uggenti said the club has grown continuously since its start and that there is a growing awareness of the club on campus. “We have consistently had between 30 and 40 people at our weekly meetings,” he said. “We have seen a lot of traction with new students.”

The Saturday event included a line up of four rap artists and a DJ who gave energetic performances during the early slot of the night. All audience members were able to stay on for the club’s regular Saturday party after the event.

 Bright colours and new connections

The light-up theme infused all aspects of the night with black lighting, complimentary glow sticks and fluorescent face painting. Visual artists were in attendance creating glow-in-the-dark paintings over the course of the evening.

A visual artist at the "Light Up" party paints a participants face on Oct. 11.
A visual artist at the “Light Up” party paints a participants face on Oct. 11. Photo: Jes Hovanes

Langara student Alex Zang brought friends to the event from Douglas College and the BCIT. He believes that the social club is succeeding “because they bring together [people] from different disciplines who would have never crossed paths otherwise.”

Uggenti said this kind of cross-college connection is exactly the kind of thing that the social club wants to foster with its off-campus events. “We know that our students at Langara have friends that go to other institutions… so we open it up to the public.”

Dance and music shows are not the only objective of the Langara Social Club. They also host all-ages events, fundraisers, on-campus social events, and events designed to get students interacting with the community in productive ways. For example, the #Lunchbag event where they prepare lunches for hungry people using donated food.

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