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Langara’s women soccer team loses bronze medal match

Langara Falcons women soccer team tried hard for the gold medal, but lost the third place for the Capilano Blues. Photo: Bala Yogesh

Reported by Bala Yogesh

The Langara Falcons lost the bronze medal to the Capilano Blues in the women’s PacWest Provincial Soccer Championship by a score of 2-1 on Saturday afternoon.

The outcome of the match was decided by the penalty kicks as the Falcons, who were trailing the Blues after the first half, evened the game in the 60th minute when Giulia Repole scored the equalizing goal.

The Falcons entered the match with a tough loss over the VIU Mariners on Friday. Mariners’ Rachel Jones scored a goal in the final minutes of that match to lift her team to a 2-1 victory.

Previous loss affected team members

Ryan Birt, the head coach of the Falcons, said the game for the bronze was tough to play because of the previous day’s loss.

“It’s a big emotional let-down. You know the fact; I’m totally convinced that we outplayed VIU in that game. The goal that they scored to win the game is a very controversial goal.”

Both teams played hard for the bronze medal, that ended up in the hands of the Capilano Blues players. Photo: Bala Yogesh

Birt said their goalkeeper had the ball, and a VIU player “smashed into her,” interfering with her ability to defend the net. The VIU scored.

“We’d been dominant in the game up to that point, and I thought we were the better team on that day.”

Falcon player Anastazia Ziros said her team hoped for more in their final PacWest game.

“I think we were expecting more of a win,” Ziros said.

Until the provincials, Birt said the Falcons had a good season.

“The top four teams that made the provincials are all quite equally matched. For us, to finish tied second on points, I think the girls did very well.

“We’re not worried for next year,” he said. “These guys will need a bit of downtime.

“You got to have some time away and let things sink in.”

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