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Langara’s Wi-Fi access an ongoing issue for students

Many students struggle with Wi-Fi access on Langara’s campus. Photo by Stuart Neatby.

Reported by Stuart Neatby

Despite widespread use of two dedicated networks across campus, many Langara students are finding Wi-Fi access to be elusive.

Langara students have access to the Langara networks, and the eduroam network is a dedicated service offered across several post-secondary institutions including UBC and SFU. The Langara network is administered by the Langara IT Department, whose staff provided no comment.

Wi-Fi access unpredictable on campus

The IT department at Langara provides technical support on campus for staff and students. Photo by Stuart Neatby.

But, many students find that both networks can often be plagued with slow network speeds, as well as a tendency to drop signals.

Nora Wirth-Farkesvolgyi, a student in the web and mobile app design and development department, finds that she is disconnected frequently from the eduroam network in Building A.

“Normally I try not to move, because then I meet some problems,” she said.

The Voice spoke to 12 students about their experiences with Langara’s Wi-Fi. All had experienced being dropped from networks while moving between buildings on campus. Others spoke of blind spots or slow coverage, especially in Building A or B.

Connection issues a problem

Most students often switched between the two networks depending on their location, which is a solution that is often recommended by the IT Help desk in the library, but still experienced connection issues in some areas.

Shahed Aljermashi, a second year general arts student, generally uses the eduroam network and she finds the connection drops quite frequently.

“It’s mostly ok, but it loses a lot of connection sometimes for no reason, especially in the B building, the underground classrooms,” she said.

Langara is a member of BCNET, a not-for-profit IT collaboration between universities and colleges in B.C.

According to Tamara Klein, BCNET’s communications manager, Langara has recently connected to BCNET’s advanced network, which runs at a speed of 100 Gigabytes per second.



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