Langara parking lots dangerous places for cars

A scraped car sits in the Langara parking lot. Small parking spaces and traffic lead to dangerous driving conditions in the campus parking lots. Photo: Michelle Gamage.

Parking and driving in and out of Langara’s south side parking lot at Ontario Street might put your car at risk for dents.

In 2011 ICBC reported 16 collisions in the Langara parking lot, including those involving parked cars.

Smaller stalls create bigger collision numbers

Smaller stalls mean more people are unable to exit their vehicles without the possibility of hitting the car beside them.

In 2010 the parking lot was repainted making the parking sizes smaller, in order to fit more cars.

“I avoid the small parking spaces,” said Justin Mang, a computer-science student. “If someone [drove a bigger car] they wouldn’t be able to get out,”

People are also taking up two spaces to avoid other cars parking beside them. “People park over the lines, spaces are so small that people are scared that their car might get a dent,” said nursing student Vinita Pereira.

Of the people who study and work at Langara, 27 per cent drive to school.

The cost of driving to school

Students who use the parking lots pay $6.50 per day. That could add up to almost $400 over a full-time semester.

But the possibility of getting a ding or dent could mean parking at school is even more costly. The estimated minimum cost to repair a dent is $250, as estimated by 24HR Collision Center in Vancouver.

Another issue is the high congestion in the parking lot when most school days let out. Many staff, instructors and students are trying to leave the area at that time.

A 2010 Langara College transportation survey highlights student and staff frustration with exiting the college at peak times.

“The perimeter parking is fine but anything in the middle, it’s too jammed,” Mang said. People surveyed in the 2010 transportation report suggested that a left hand signal at the parking lot entrance would be helpful to relieve congestion.

Slideshow of cars parked in Langara parking lots, sporting dings, dents and other damages. Photos by Jeremy Sally and Michelle Gamage.

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Reported by Tanya Hill

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