Mental Health Awareness Fair reaches out to students who need support



Katrina Tan (left) and Gurjit Dhaliwal
Katrina Tan (left) and Gurjit Dhaliwal PHOTO Kelci Nicodemus

Langara’s nursing students are letting the school know there is support out there for people struggling with mental health issues.

Term seven nursing students organized the Mental Health Awareness Fair, held on March 20, which featured different mental health organizations addressing different aspects of mental health including.

Nursing student, Gurjit Dhaliwal and fellow classmate Katrina Tan spearheaded the project.

The nursing curriculum this term focused on mental health issues and they’ve done a number of things leading up to this fair.

The nursing students surveyed around 200 students to see how high the stress level is for students at Langara.

The fair was organized to promote wellness and to show that Langara has an adequate support system for students, she said.

Campus health services offer doctors and a psychiatrist as well a counseling.

Mood disorders are the most treatable mental illnesses, according to Catherine Wankiewiez, a volunteer for the Mood Disorder Association.

“So as long as we can connect the people with the resources, then we can get the assistance that [they need],” she said.

MDA offers psychiatric assessment, peer and doctor led group sessions for those who are diagnosed with mood disorders.

Results do come from these group sessions.

“We see [results] everyday,” said Wankiewiez.

Here to Help hosts an annual conference called Healthy Minds Healthy Campuses that focus on different aspects of mental health.

“We tackle issues such as stress, depression [and] anxiety,” said, volunteer, Lyle Richardson.

Nursing student Hilda Tran  said that there are many services available, but people aren’t aware of them.

“A lot of it is word of mouth. You don’t really hear about these things,” she said.

 Reported by Kelci Nicodemus

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