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Langara’s new entrepreneur program promotes ‘side-hustle’ for students


Reported by Melanie Green

A entrepreneur business program is being introduced at Langara College to teach millennials that they can only count on themselves for future job prospects.

After researching the direction of markets and job security, Langara decided to opt for a grassroots practical application program that allows students to work with successful side-hustle industry professionals, partnered with other community organizations, as a solution.

Job market is dwindling

Coordinator for the new 12-week program, David Schulte said that jobs just aren’t there anymore for millennials.

“It’s about people having a way out and not being cheated by life […] The ball is being put into their court and the one thing they can do is have a side-hustle,” Schulte said. “People are going to need to have something, a business that they are running on the side to provide security for them – options – and obviously some meaning in life.”

The program is geared toward those starting a business he said, quite different from the diploma transfer which is textbook based with a focus on accreditation to enter the workforce.

New program promotes anecdotal learning

Langara business students Shivam Verma and Amit Monga. Photo by Melanie Green.

Langara International business student, Amit Monga agreed, interested in the practical approach and industry professionals.

“In classes what they do is read the books, we are there to learn but within a few days we forget. But if we hear personal stories they sit in your mind and you can relate.”

Shivam Verma, a Langara business diploma transfer student, remembered a video on YouTube about someone who sued the education system because it was disillusioning.

“Everything is changing, but the education system is the same since the 17th century,” Verma said, explaining students are only evaluated based on their GPA.

“So if you’re going to follow the herd you won’t be successful because there’s so much competition,” he said. “The business of 21st century is about entrepreneurship. Traditional businesses and jobs [are] all gone.”

The program expects an enrollment of eight when it rolls out in February 2017.


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