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Langara to offer two UBC transferable science literacy courses in 2017


Reported by Chelsea Powrie

Langara will be offering a new science literacy course that will provide students with transferable credits to UBC.

Patricia Aroca-Ouellete, chair of the Langara chemsisty department, wants Langara College to stay in-step with UBC, so she spearheaded the creation of a new science literacy course.

Two new science courses coming to Langara

SCIE 1113 and 1114 will be offered at Langara in the 2017 spring semester.

The two courses offer the same content and credits, except 1113 is for students with a less successful background in high school English who may need more support. Both will transfer to UBC as communication credits, as they are equivalents to a popular course for science undergraduates developed there in the past decade.

“Until seven years ago, you had to do poetry and literature,” said Aroca-Ouellette. “Which is great, but if you’re going into data analysis, maybe there would be another form of communication that would be more applicable to the scientific, technological information that you’re going to see and touch every day.”

This course will teach aspiring scientists the tools they will need to communicate their research effectively, and the skills to detect unsound conclusions in the research of others. Mario Moniz de Sa, biology department chair, is glad the class is finally at Langara.

Mario Moniz de Sa, chair of the Langara biology department, thinks the new course will help students learn English in a more scientific setting. Photo:

“This course provides a wonderful opportunity for science students to learn English in the context in which they will need it in their scientific careers,” Moniz de Sa said in an email. “They still learn all the writing techniques, construction of rational arguments based on evidence, and general self-expression, but the subject material is science.”

Students excited about the new courses

Langara student Aleksa Cakalj is optimistic about the class.

“Having a science literacy course offered at a collegiate level is such an advantage as an aspiring scientist. Personally, I am studying to be a kinesiologist and this course will help me immensely,” said Cakalj.

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