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Langara sushi lovers impacted by cafe price raise

New prices in the Langara Sushi Cafe displayed with a new menu sign.
New prices in the Langara Sushi Cafe displayed with a new menu sign.

Reported by Charles Dale

Students buying lunch at the Langara Sushi Café will find themselves paying more due to a recent price increase.

Prices at the popular restaurant in the Langara Students’ Union Building have increased by as much as one dollar on some items.

Peter Lee, owner of the café, said the price increase is the result of rising food costs, a slumping Canadian dollar and increased labour expenses due to the recent B.C. minimum wage hike.

Langara Sushi Cafe owner Peter Lee had to raise the prices of some items due to rising food costs
Owner of the Sushi Café, Peter Lee. Charles Dale photo.

“Canadian currency is so low, that’s why food costs go up,” Lee said. “Food costs went up, labour went up. It’s not easy to hire skilled guys for a reasonable price.”

Price changes did not go unnoticed

Daniel Carkner, who works on campus for the Centre for Accessible Post-secondary Education Resources B.C., said the price change will not stop him from eating at the sushi café.

“There’s not really other options that I would like. I’m a vegetarian, and there’s not much in the cafeteria for vegetarians,” Carkner said.

Kyle Kemp, a Langara recreation management student, said he was disappointed in the price increase, and in campus food in general.

“It’s a little too expensive for what it is,” Kemp said. “I just find myself not eating on campus. I sometimes take the SkyTrain down to Marine Gateway and get something cheaper.”

Students kept in mind during the change

An order from the cafe.
An order from the cafe. Charles Dale photo.

Lee said he has seen a small decline in business since the price increase, but he has tried to keep the prices as low as possible.

“This is a restaurant in a school, so more than 95 per cent of customers are students. I used to be a student, I understand.” Lee said. “We tried to keep the best price for everybody.”

This is the second price increase for the café since it opened three years ago.

Price comparison, 2015/16 vs. 2016 fall semester

California roll: $3, now $4

Dynamite roll: $4, now $5

Combo (any roll): $5.50, now $6.75

Kappa maki: $2, now $2.50

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