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Langara Students’ Union working with Alliance of British Columbia Students to rally for affordable and well-rounded education

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Ameer Mohammad, chairman of the LSU students’ issues action committee, is working with the ABCS to develop the organization’s focus.

The Langara Students’ Union is now positioned to help shape the direction of B.C.’s largest student organization.

Early in March, the LSU was accepted into the Alliance of British Columbia Students (ABCS), joining seven other post-secondary student groups that collectively represent more than 140,000 students, according to the ABCS website.

“Ultimately the whole idea is that we believe and the student associations within us believe, that together we’re better able to advocate on behalf of our students as a unified voice,” said ABCS chairman Colùm Connolly.

Organization works on behalf of students

The ABCS held its inaugural meeting in November. While they are actively lobbying on issues, Connolly said they are in the developmental stage and the LSU will play an active role in developing the direction of the alliance.

The member-driven advocacy group currently focuses on long-term affordability and accessibility to education, but also advocates for a range of issues including campus childcare, facility improvements, and public transit.

Action committee chairman wants Province to listen, rich educational experiences for students

Chairman of the LSU students’ issues action committee (SIAC), Ameer Mohammad, is working with the ABCS to develop the organization’s focus. SIAC’s mandate is similar to that of the ABCS: to lobby for affordable and accessible education.  Mohammad said the provincial government should take the requests of the ABCS seriously because they represent the voices of many post-secondary students.

“ABCS right now is the only platform that brings so many colleges and universities of this province together to have a common voice . . . we [students] are the guiding voice and this is the loudest voice we have in this province,” said Mohammad.

Mohammad also wants to work with the ABCS to develop minimum standards for campus recreation facilities.

“I’m trying to push forward for it to be a requirement for universities to provide a minimum standard of sports and their recreational facilities . . . a well-rounded educational experience can come about with a good balance of recreation and academics together,” he said.

Reported by Ash Kelly



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